Our birds are trained to return home.
Therefore, we offer service ONLY in these
Washington D.C.Angelic DovesPrince George County, Maryland
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
Louisville, Kentucky
Orders in DC, Maryland: 240-353-1788
Orders in Kentucky: 240-353-1788
Animal safety alert! To ensure that you are purchasing trained birds that are capable of returning home there are two simple steps: 1. Make sure your doves are being delivered to you day of service in person, by company personnel (Not being mailed through post office from out of state !!! ) 2. Ask for local funeral home references that are within the 50 mile radius of your release location. We hope this helps in choosing a company that has the bird's best interest in mind while providing you with a professional dove release.

ALERT: REPUTABLE Dove Companies do not ship doves in boxes from long distances. Example: Utah to Washington D.C.

We are also a member of the National White Dove Release Society.
National White Dove Release Society